July 21, 1992, a day that changed my life! The song, Lithium was released 21 years ago, today, and my mind became officially blown.

I was 16 years old and still hanging on to my hairbands, refusing to believe it was over, in denial that my aquanet hairspray was ruining the ozone layer. Those Skid Row and Poison ballads were the soundtrack for my first slow dance with a boy, my first kiss, and my first heartbreak. How could music possibly be more real, more heartfelt, more emotional, or more passionate than Sebastian Bach, belting out “Wasted Time”?

I had heard a few sprinklings of grunge on the radio, it just wasn’t my thing. And then… I heard Lithium. I wish I could remember where I was when I first heard it. I was probably in my room, doodling the name Danny on countless sheets of purple paper in bubble letters. Whatever I was doing, my world was about to change forever!

The beauty of Kurt Cobain’s voice as he mumbled the lyrics that spoke to my soul! The mellow contradiction of lyrics described my fluctuating emotions and hormones to a T! The harsher, screaming lyrics of the chorus demanded that I jump up and down and sing at the top of my lungs. My teenaged self could not have told you why it touched me so deeply, only that it did.

Looking back, I can see, that ONE song summed up a day in the life of a 16 year old better than any other, back then and still to this day. The mood swings, from sad and depressed, to I don’t give a f@*, to an almost manic, frenzied state, and back again to sad and mellow; that was how I felt almost every day of my adolescence! And finally, someone got it!

Thank you Nirvana, for opening my eyes, for giving me an outlet for all my raging emotions. Thank you, Kurt, thank you Krist, and thank you Dave for giving the world Lithium!