Daily Prompt: Never Again


The hockey rink was cold and the atmosphere was charged. It was my son’s first game played in the peewee division, the year body checking became fair game. My little baby, my ten year old first born son, picked the puck up in the corner and started skating it up the boards. All of a sudden, an enormous, gigantic hulk of a child rammed his entire body HARD against my tiny, sweet baby boy and took the puck.

My son, brushed the check off, not even losing his footing or falling, and skated after the puck. I, on the other hand did not take it so well. I jumped up, and yelled to my husband, “Go get him, NOW. We are DONE!” I am not ashamed to say, I think I may have even had tears in my eyes.

I do not remember if the team won or lost. All I remember is my son being checked for the first time ever, and the horror of watching another child hit mine.

As the players were filing out of the locker room, the coach looked over at me and said, “Good Game! See you next week.”

I can only imagine the look on my face as I earnestly replied, “No you won’t! We are NEVER coming back AGAIN!”

Eight years, and countless hockey games later with both my sons, I can look back at this moment and laugh! At the time, though, I truly thought, never again!